The National School of Real Estate can help satisfy all of your Pre-Licensing and  Continuing Education requirements for real estate licensing.

We are dedicated to providing you with a quality Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education program designed to meet your needs as a professional.

Play it safe!  The line between passing and failing is very thin.  Receive the finest instruction available.

Call Chris at 1-734-287-2353 or toll-free at 1-888-287-0242 for current pricing, information on any class, registration, or to get answers to your questions.

We offer traditional, face to face classes and are pleased to offer the best on-line offerings in the industry.  Please select the "Courses" selection to the left for face to class offerings or select one of the on-line offerings below.  

Most of us lead full and busy lives.  As time ticks onward it is difficult enough to squeeze in work and family, let alone an education.  It no longer needs to be so complex.  Pursuing an education on-line has both benefits and costs associated with it.  The main benefit is that the student is free to access the material to be learned at their convenience and as often as necessary for them to fully grasp the concepts involved.  There is no pressure to move forward in order to keep up with the class.  Students will move forward only when they are comfortable that the material is fully understood.  This form of education requires self discipline coupled with a strong desire to complete the workload and to acquire the knowledge.

On-Line Michigan Prelicense Package

Give yourself the best chance to pass the state exam on the first try!  The Michigan Prelicense Special includes our state approved Prelicense course which covers contracts, property ownership, liens, property description and title, leasing land use, taxation, pricing property, introduction to finance, loans and other required topics.  This course qualifies passing students to take the Michigan Real Estate licensing exam.

On-line Michigan Real Estate Continuing Education

We are pleased to offer on-line versions of the same Michigan real estate continuing education courses attended in classrooms annually by over 45,000 Michigan real estate licensees!  Each of the six-hour courses includes the mandatory, annual, minimum two hours of law, rules and court cases regarding real estate!


On-Line Courses may be ordered by credit card.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Amex, including gift and debit cards.  You must have all card information available, including cardholder name, statement billing address, account number, expiration date, and CVV code.  If you donít know what a CVV code is, check the graphic posted on the ordering page.

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